Therapy for Trauma and PTSD

Stanley Wipfli, Psychotherapist
San Francisco, CA

Have you experienced family background trauma, relational abuse, or experiences that were out of your control?

Are you overwhelmed with emotions, anxiety and harmful thoughts? Are you struggling to cope with related addiction?

Those who experience trauma and the resulting Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) face a myriad of challenges that can be debilitating and feel overwhelming.

Trauma can cause symptoms, both emotional and physical, that you carry through life. Are you experiencing any of these things?

  • Nightmares
  • Feeling distant from those who love you
  • Memory loss
  • Anger
  • Reduced interest in things you used to enjoy
  • Insomnia
  • Difficulty concentraitng
  • Risky behaviors

Stanley E. Wipfli specializes in the treatment of complex PTSD and can help you stabilize, and gain the tools to grow and expand your emotional health. Explore new solutions with trauma therapy from Stanley E. Wipfli. Now available for in-person therapy in downtown San Francisco and online for residents of California.

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Why Trauma Therapy?

Many clients have experienced trauma in their past. Trauma is often the root cause of their struggles, whether they realize it or not.

Trauma therapy can provide the space and guidance for you to identify unhealthy behaviorial patterns in your life. As these patterns are identified, you can begin explore pathways toward healthier living.

Stanley E. Wipfli is trauma-informed therapist with expertise in treating PTSD, with a number of client having had ongoing or multiple traumas in their lives, and some suffer from PTSD.

Common Reactions to a Traumatic Experience 

You may have PTSD and not be aware of it. Below is a list of symptoms that indicate you likely have PTSD.

The symptoms below need to last for more than one month and cause difficulties in how you function in your life for them to be considered criteria for PTSD:

Negative Emotion, Guilt and Shame

Frequent negative emotions including guilt, shame, and fear are common in people who have lived through traumatic experiences.

These feeling can be triggered by specific events or come seemingly out of the blue. Discovering triggers for your distress allows you to take steps toward coping strategies.

Reexperiencing the Trauma

Unwanted thoughts of trauma, flashbacks or very vivid images are common symptoms of truma and PTSD.

These experiences can be shocking as they don't fit with our daily life and seem out of our control.

Grief, Depression and Isolation

Feeling sad, hopeless or despairing can be a common reaction to trauma. A sense of loss can permeate your life and you lose intereste in things you used to love.

Anger, Irratibility

Do you feel jumpy and irritable? Are you angry at the world because it feels unfair? These reactions can cause confusion in you and the ones that love you the most.

Therapy for Treatment of Trauma and PTSD

Each persons response to trauma is different. Some may experience initial responses that fade over time.  Others will have lasting and complex responses to trauma. Stanley E. Wipfli will help you identify triggers, develop healthy coping skills and reduce traumatic stress symptoms.

As you can see, my approach to therapy is compassionate, highly skilled and highly effective.

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“What I feel stands out about Mr. Wipfli is his exceptional clinical abilities.  Regarding his therapeutic abilities, I have often described Mr. Wipfli as a “natural” to other people.  I admire the skill and ease with which he is able to apply the most important skills of our profession – his genuineness, ability to empathize, and his non-judgmental stance.”

- Dr. B, Staff Psychologist and team leader, Trauma unit, Dept. of Veteran Affairs, West Los Angeles