Finding And Choosing the Right Therapist For You: A Guide

Finding a therapist can be challenging. Your therapist is someone you’ll need to be comfortable with because you will be working through some uncomfortable topics. When we are feeling our best, we don’t look for counseling, and at our low points, finding a therapist can feel frustrating or hopeless.

The bond you form with your therapist can be very influential and significantly impact your personal growth. Therefore it’s essential to do research, ask yourself what you seek from therapy, and find a good match for you. We have created a guide to help you in your search, make the process less daunting, and aid you in having reliable results.

What Can My Therapist Help Me Achieve?

By understanding what a therapist can do for you and what they can’t, you can have better expectations of what therapy can provide for you.

Therapists can:

  • Be understanding listeners, and support you through your thoughts and emotions
  • Help you develop healthy coping mechanisms for difficult life situations
  • Help develop life skills like effective communication, problem-solving, better control over impulses, and more
  • Help you gain perspective, and think about problems in different ways
  • Guide you in having insight about yourself and your behaviors, reactions, thoughts, and emotions
  • Work with you to make beneficial changes so you can function at a healthier level for yourself
  • Offer advice and help find services they are not able to provide