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PTSD Versus Trauma: How Do They Differ?

Many tend to link trauma directly to post-traumatic stress disorder, especially when both have an overlap in their symptoms and have similar names. Even if someone experiences trauma, it does not always mean they will form PTSD; both have differences in severity, duration, and treatments. Regardless of the traumatic events that have occurred, or if…

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Top Misconceptions About Trauma Busted

Even if it is a common universal experience, trauma isn’t something most want to or care to talk about. As a society, we tend to associate trauma with some kind of physical harm, like domestic violence or sexual abuse, but trauma comes in many different forms that can stay deep within an individual for their…

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How To Know If You Need To See A Therapist

“You should go to therapy” is a phrase that often feels like an insult or some sort of punishment. We might say it angrily in an argument or to someone that upsets us. Viewing therapy negatively, or when used as a weapon, creates a stigma in society instead of looking at the potential of what…

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