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The Biggest Myths About PTSD Debunked

There are plenty of myths and misconceptions surrounding post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Trauma comes in multiple forms, and anyone who has witnessed a terrifying, shocking, or life-threatening experience can develop this mental illness. Unfortunately most people will experience trauma to some extent in their lives, but not all trauma leads to developing PTSD. PTSD is…

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How To Support A Loved One Who Has Experienced Trauma

Whether your loved one is a child or an adult, traumatic experiences have lasting effects that can interfere their everyday lives and those around them. Trauma impairs a person’s ability to reason and heightens the brain’s fear and stress responses. Seeing, hearing, or even smelling something can trigger the brain to associate it with a…

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Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PET) Explained

According to a report from the University of Pennsylvania, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) afflicts approximately 8% of the population. However, this complex and challenging disorder can be treated. There are proven long-term treatments that can help individuals who have PTSD get their lives back. Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PET) is an empirically-validated treatment based on cognitive…

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