Expert Therapy for Complex Trauma and PTSD

Stanley E. Wipfli LCSW, MAC | San Francisco based Trauma Therapist Available for In-Person Therapy and Virtual Counseling for Individuals

*Licensed Therapist with Virtual Counseling available for California Residents. Entrepeneurs, Technology and Finance Employees Welcome

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Stanley E. Wipfli, LCSW, MAC - Expert Trauma Therapy

"Gold Standard" Treatment in Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PET) and Cognitive Process Therapy (CPT)

Stanley Wipfli is a licensed trauma therapist based in downtown San Francisco. Confidential virtual therapy is available for all California residents.

If you need help with managing trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) along with the resulting stress, anxiety, and depression Stanley Wipfli can help.

Stanley Wipfli provides therapy for individuals in a variety of contexts and has extensive experience providing therapy for entrepeneurs and technology workers.

You can likely relate to some of the following therapy issues:

  • You’re consumed with worry and anxiety
  • You feel isolated and alone
  • You’re depressed and depleted of energy
  • You feel worthless at times
  • You’ve had a traumatic past that keeps creeping into your current life
  • You may be self-medicating by using food, drugs, alcohol, gaming, etc.
  • Your relationships are difficult or painful

If you struggle with any of the above issues, you might be surprised at how quickly your mood, relationships, or career can improve once you attend therapy with Stanley Wipfli.

Expert Therapy for Trauma, Anxiety and PTSD

Stanley Wipfli is professionally trained in evidence-based treatments known to help people overcome their struggles and move forward with more peace, confidence and optimism.

  • Certified Cognitive Process Therapist  (1 of 2 providers in San Francisco)
  • Expert in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Certified Prolonged Exposure Therapist
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MSBR) Clinician
  • Master Addiction Counselor

As a therapist, Stanley Wipfli is honest, personable, and results-driven.

You will start where you’re at, and together, work towards a more fulfilling and rewarding life.

Stanley Wipfli's goal is to help you overcome your struggles as quickly as possible.


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Therapy for Trauma & PTSD

Trauma can cause emotional and physical symptoms that impact your daily life. Treatment of complex PTSD can help you gain the tools to grow and expand your emotional health.

Stanley Wipfli - From Entrepeneur to Therapist

Being passionate about entrepreneurship, before becoming a therapist, Stanley Wipfli ran a business where he wasn't equipped to deal with many facets of the business.

Unaware of his limitations, Stanley kept working harder, thinking that was all he needed to solve his problems. He became a toxic, dysfunctional person until finally seeking out rehab and entering therapy.

As a result of getting help, Stanley took on a new career as a therapist with vigor and enthusiasm. He finally felt fulfilled as he focused on his strengths instead of his deficits.

Your situation may not require a career change, but it likely requires a skilled therapist to help you overcome your issues and guide you towards a more fulfilling life.

"If you’re like most professionals I see in my therapy practice in San Francisco, you’re likely feeling strained and overwhelmed by the demands of your life, job, family, relationships. You’ve accomplished much in your life, yet, along the way, you got off track. You’ve lost your sense of meaning and purpose.


The stress and feelings of emptiness in your life have gotten to the point where something has to give. You can’t continue the way you’ve been going. You may think that there is something seriously wrong with you - that you’re inherently flawed.


But being hard on yourself doesn’t help. Feeling stuck can be debilitating. If you could have solved your struggles by now, you would have. You’re certainly far from the only one to seek help when life has become too much to bear."           

                                                        - Stanley Wipfli, LCSW, MAC

Getting Results Within the Context of Time-Limited Therapy

One method of treatment that Stanley Wipfli uses in therapy is called Cognitive Process Therapy (CPT). It’s a short-term approach that can bring remarkable results in 12 sessions. 

Like many of therapy clients, your current problems are likely related to difficulties or traumatic events that have occurred in the past. 

CPT helps you reframe these events in your mind and nervous system so that there is a reduction or elimination of your symptoms.

My Evidence-Based Therapy Methods Can Help You:

  • Feel more energized and alive
  • Feel calmer - manage stress and overwhelm better
  • Make decisions that bring you more joy and fulfillment
  • Improve feelings of self-worth and honor the value you bring to the world
  • Overcome negative habits - e.g., think more positively, become more productive at work, and heal addictive behaviors, etc.
  • Have more satisfying, fulfilling and loving relationships

You don’t have to continue to suffer when help is available that can transform your life.

With therapy, it’s possible to discover how to create a life where you thrive.


If you can relate to what you have read here, contact Stanley Wipflie to set up a free 15-minute consultation.

Together, we’ll determine whether we are a good fit to work together in therapy.

“I worked with Stan at the VA and highly recommend him as a psychotherapist. He is personable, compassionate, and has specialized training in helping individuals who have experienced trauma. He has strong experience across a breadth of mental health problems, including mood disorders, anxiety, and substance use disorders. I'd certainly refer my patients to him for individual therapy.”

- Dr. S, Staff Psychiatrist at Dept. of Veteran Affairs, West Los Angeles

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